What Is Link Popularity and What Has It Done For Me Lately!

Link Popularity or Link Pop as it is sometimes abbreviated is the number and quality of links that are pointing to your website. This helps the major search engines determine how popular your site is and therefore how high to rank it in the search engine results for a certain keyword. At the very basic level this mean that the more link you have coming to your site or pointing to your site the higher in the search engines you will rank which means more traffic. For most commercial sites more traffic means more money.Link popularity was a concept created by the brains behind the largest search engine in the world and the most commonly used. Google accounts for a large percentage of the daily searches that occur on the internet and its popularity has been due to a concept created by its founders Lary Page and Sergey Brin. The concept that the more links that a site has the more useful it must be. They took this concept even further and developed a complex and secret formula that not only counts the number of links coming to a site but also gives each of the links a different rate depending on the link popularity of the linking site. So a link from a Page Rank 8 website is weighted more heavily and will help a website more then a link from a web site with a page rank of 2. So the more a webmaster can get links from high ranking pages the better the site will do in the search engines. Also the high their own Page Rank or PR will be. So Page Rank is determined by link popularity.So how can you build high quality incoming links that will help you rate well and have a great link popularity so you show up on the first page of the search engine results? You have to find and build links to your website. The best types of links to build are one way links. These are links that are from another website pointing to your but one that you do not link back to.Building Your Link Pop1. Develop as many links to your website as possible (See Thing To Look Out For)2. Link to websites with a variety of Page Ranks but focus on getting links from the high page rank websites.3. Look for ways to build one way links and build as many as possible.4. Two way links will also help your websites Link Pop.Things To Look Out For1. Don’t go overboard with the concept and build 1,000′s of one way links in a month. Spread the work out over time and build links each day. This is a more natural way and won’t get your website in trouble with Google.2. Link only to sites that are listed in Google. You don’t want to list to any sites that have been removed from Google’s database. You can do this by searching for the website unless it is brand new the website address will show up in Google. Or by using the Google Toolbar you can check the website Page Rank. If the Page Rank Bar is grayed out you should watch out.3. Don’t ever link to or from FFA or Free For All link pages.4. Don’t exchange links with irrelevant websites. If you website is about Babies and you have links from Car racing websites this might throw up a red flag for the Google Bot.In short if you want to improve where you website is listed in the search engine results pages you need to build one way links to your website. The more links you build the higher up in the results your website will appear when people search for certain keywords you are competing for. Two of the easiest ways to get high quality one way links to your website is through submitting your site to Directories and submitting articles to article directories. Most of all develop your links slowly around 10 to 20 per day and keep doing this for a few months without giving up.

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